Advertise is a new blog on traveling to Latin America, with a travel log book, videos, travel pictures and occasionally some travel tips. Dedicated to travelers and anyone who wishes to follow my adventures. I also provide other travelers with many reviews for hotels and hostels, but also giving them my insights for tour agencies that I dealt with.

While most of my readers are from Canada, United States and France, combined from both english and french blogs.  My reach is very wide because of the fact that I have both languages and from doing so it widens my reach to many more countries like Japan, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Germany, UK, Argentina, India, China and much more.

Average Page Views per month : 3035
Twitter Followers : 2,056
Facebook Fans :129
Also Active Google+


For any inquiries, if you would like to advertise on the blog, please e-mail Normand at :

Please let me know what type of adds you would like to post (graphic or textual), there is a minimum of three months contracts for any adds published to the site. If it is a graphic add, I would like to see the add and know the sizes at the same time before taking a decision on the price and whether or not I choose to publish.

Payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). I would charge a 3% handling fee on all transactions.
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