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Here you will find ''Winks'', which are a quick look at either a special building, a city, historical characters or even objects. I always love to know more about certain things and I am sure that I am not the only one. Being curious about the past of places and things is a big part of traveling. One wants to know the past to understand the present. These articles will be short and give the big details on different historical subjects.

So these will be my little ''Winks'' at the past.

The first installment is a bit of history behind the 'Chateau Frontenac' in Quebec city.

The second post is about the ramparts and Citadel that still surrounds Quebec City

This third post is in honor of the northernlands 'Inuksuk'
A Wink at the 'Inuksuk'

Fourth post is in honor of my home town.
A 'Wink' at Rouyn-Noranda

An amazing place for the curious ones
A 'Wink' at the History of Easter Island

Good reading.

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