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Just to show people that are not from my part of the world. I simply wanted to show you where I’m from on a map, but also in pictures. I introduce you to Rouyn-Noranda in the region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue in the western part of the province of Quebec in Canada. The region has 5 main towns that are Rouyn-Noranda, Val d'or, Amos, La Sarre and Ville-Marie. 

Here is a map. Where the arrow is, that’s my birth place. It is at 650km north of biggest city of the province, which is Montreal
The climate in Quebec is really different between summer and winter. In the summer time the weather will go to around 30° Celsius in the warmest moments and in the winter time it’s the opposite it will go down to -30° Celsius in the coldest times. 
The longest day of the year, is June 21st and the sun-up is at around 5am and sun-down is close to 9:30pm, a little more than 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of darkness. For the shortest day of the year, December 21st, sun-up is around 8am and sun-down around 4:30pm, so the opposite of summer, 8 hours of sunlight and 16 hours of darkness.
Having such a big difference between summer and winter, the scenery's change a lot. You can see pictures of my region in my 'Pictures'.
My home town is Rouyn-Noranda, I've lived here for most of my life. But I also lived in LaSarre, St-Jerome, Montreal, Joliette, Quebec and I also spent close to five years in Alberta, Canada, In the following towns, Brooks, Calgary, Trochu et Elnora.


  1. We will be driving up from Algonquin Park, to Rouyn-Noranda in August on our way to Clericy and Aiguebelle Park where we plan on some day hiking. Can you suggest any must-do trails or stops along the way? Would love to have a locals point of view or recommendations!

  2. If you like hiking, there is a lot to do around Rouyn. Here are a few suggestions outside of Aiguebelle National Park.

    Here is a site that gives you all outdoors activities to do around Rouyn :

    Here is a map of Aiguebelle park where you can see the different hiking trails

    I would suggest the trails around "Lac La Haie" ot the ones close to the 'Camping du sablon'

    I do not know if you speak and read french, because these site are mostly in french, sadly.

    If you have any questions you can send me an e-mail at :

    Have fun around Rouyn


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