My Bucketlist

Well here goes the Bucket List. Things I would love to see or do before I kick the bucket (that's still a long way to go), this is version 1.0 of the list. It surely will have other stuff added to it with time. I am not setting any limits of time like I've seen some do, wanting to do a 200 items list in the next five years. Nahhhh let's be realist, I do not pretend that all this list will be crossed out, but let's just say that if I would be able cross out 1/2 or 3/4 of it, I would be more than a happy backpacker.

- Skydive anywhere in the world
- Go to Australia
- Go to New Zealand
- I have got to see the pyramids (Egypt)
- Go see the northern lights way up north (where they are the nicest)
- See Machu Pichu (Peru) (Awesome, just awesome) - August 2012
- Hike the Bruce Trail in Canada
- See the Canadian Rockies (oh yeah, that's done)
- Hitchhike across Canada (almost done, but missing a few spots)
- Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa)
- Go for at least a three to six month tour across Europe
- Take a picture of myself with monkeys (anywhere) - Sept. 2012 (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)
- Go to any Desert on earth (Atacama Desert) - Oct. 2012
- See the Great Wall of China
- See Atacama Desert (Chile)- Oct. 2012
- See Easter Island, gotta go there Feb 20 to 27, 2013
- Set foot on at least one deserted island
- Become at ease with speaking Spanish (not completely at ease, but I can have an
                           conversation with someone)
- Write a book (any kind) and have it published
- Visit Lake Titicaca (Peru, Bolivia) - Sept. 2012
- Go to Madagascar (Africa)
- Try Bungee jumping
- See all new seven Great Wonders of the world (1 down, 6 to go)
- Climb a Volcano (or more than one) (Villarrica Volcano, Chile) - Nov. 2012
- See Iguazu Falls (Argentina-Brazil) - Janv. 2013
- Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert
- Visit Ushuaia (Argentina) - Southernmost town before Antarctica - Dec. 2012
- See Stonehenge (England)
- Visit every Central American countries
- Spend a few days in the Amazon Jungle - Sept. 2012 (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)
- Visit every major Island in the Caribbeans
- Try to get a royal guard in London to laugh (or take a stupid picture with one)
- Go on a Safari picture Hunt in Africa
- See Yellowstone National Park (US)
- Go to the Rio De Janeiro Carnival
- See Angel Falls (Venezuela)
- Visit every South American countries
- See Ayers Rock (Australia)
- Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
- Take the first plane on of nowhere with the next available flight

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