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Hey, I'm Normand Boulanger, a young man of 38 that, after spending 8 months in Latin America, wishes to travel even more. Since I learned spanish in translation classes in college, I had a dream of exploring South America. Now that I have spent some time there ans visited some of it's countries in 2012-13, I dream of getting on the road again, only this time around Asia. How long I will stay and explore the region is still undecided or certain. I am in work mode to get the pennies I'll need for this adventure. I also speak English and French fluently.

I dreamed of traveling until I was 36 and now I only thing of leaving again. Yep, I think I caught the travel bug. It is the time for me to live my dream of exploring the world. What the point in waiting to retire to see bits and pieces of the world but can't truly appreciate in all it's ways. :)

One day I met someone that had just came back from traveling around the world for four years, he had only came back to Canada a few months before. I read their blog (in french), and my final decision was taken. I then knew that it was possible for me to do the same.

My next adventures are for now on ice since I cannot leave right away, but I will definitely keep you up to date on this blog.

I share on this blog, pictures and videos of places where I've been.

You can also find me here






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