Links to travel blogs or websites

Here is a long list of travel blogs and websites that I think deserve to be mentioned and that helped me in many ways in the preparation of my own adventures or simply helped me by giving me inspiration.  I will be on the road soon and a little bit of every one of these blogs have helped me. 

I have surely missed many and do not intend to say that they do not deserve to be here. If I think of others to add in the future, I simply will. The list could be much longer and probably will keep growing.

If there happens to be any mistakes noted please let me know and I will gladly fix it

2 backpackers

Adventures With Dan

Art of backpacking

Bacon is Magic

backpack with brock

Brendan's Adventures 
Brooke Vs. The World

Everything everywhere

Expert Vagabond

Go Backpacking

Go, See Write
How to Travel the World

Jack & Jill

Jasmine Wanders

Johnny Vagabond


Leave your daily Hell

Legal Nomads

Mallory On Travel

NeverEnding Footsteps

Never Ending Voyage

Nomatic Chick

Nomatic Matt

Nomatic Samuel

Off The Path

Ordinary Traveler

The Runaway Guide

Solo Traveler

So Many Places

The travel Chica


Travelers point

Traveling Canucks

Travel Independent
Twenty Something Travel

Two backpacks One world

Wandering Earl

Wandering Trader

Wild Junket



French Language Sites

Antoine sur les routes du monde

De coin en coin

Instinct Voyageur

Ludo autour du monde

Moi mes souliers


Tête de chat


Un Monde Ailleurs

Voyage Etc...

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